About Us

We are Permatees

Our Mission is to Grow Permaculture Awareness One T-Shirt at a Time!

We have been studying permaculture for serveral years. It has transformed the way we view and practice gardening, farming and building. Permaculture offers solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing humanity, through the use of diversity and design. We see this diversity in the very forests that we walk through. The forest is a healthy, live ecosystem that requires no human interference to sustain. We can design systems that replicate the diversity and stability of the forests. A well designed permaculture system can provide most of our basic needs, using just the landscapes around our homes.

We want to share permaculture ideas and principles with more people than we can reach by ourselves. We have created T-Shirts, Tank Tops, and other accessories inspired by permaculture concepts, nature and natural living. We hope our products will generate more awareness about permaculture. We wear the shirts we make!

We offer men’s and women’s apparel inspired by permaculture, for the love of nature!